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Comment by Arsenic ... Aesthetic seems to be very important in your work, to the point to be a fetish by itself actually. There is several other photographers with a style similar in its quest for the perfect image and they seem to enjoy a successful web career. (Bertoni's Modelstied, Weather's Bondage Cafe) Given your skills are similar if not better when it comes to details, choice of models and website ergonomy, what do you think make your work different from their to the point of not finding enough members to fund your activity ? Thanks for this opportunity to visit the Master's mind.

my answer : I will make it short because this could be a very long reply. Everybody knows Jim Weathers and, before, Cory Thompson inspired me a lot. Beyond the hard work provided by Jim for years, Bondage Cafe is the number 1 in glamour bondage sales because he's there almost from the beginning and it's a real advantage (more history, more links, more fans, more famous models : these points were very important in the "good old time" of bondage industry) : in few words, when your site is old, you are a reference if your work is good. I have the same positive sides with Captive Culture which is most established, more than lot of sites created later, but less than the guys who was there before me. Second, the timing is really important : like a TV show, your site can be loved during season 2 / 3 and less loved after. Just because the show changes (some models stopped to work) or simply because a better / different / more exciting TV show appears. The truth is every glamour bondage websites lost lot of members since the porn industry appeared on our niche. Lot of guys prefer to watch fake girls being fucked with crappy ropeworks than natural girls bound with elegant ties without sex. In the beginning, glamour bondage was a fantasy without nudity (or only a little) and tickling stuff. Everything changed a lot and that's why I say the timing is important : all glamour bondage websites tried to please members with a more sexual content without making porn but it's not enough. Third, your marketing method is important : massive promotion, no free pictures, referral program, explicite content are able to boost your sales. But some of these tools are dangerous and I would like to say something lot of producers forgot : the most important is not your sales but your benefit. I know lot of producers who spend too much money in referral program and/or productions costs ... another thing important is the country where you are located : for example, in France, we pay 3X more taxes than in USA. You must consider some of your opponents can cheat with taxes and/or unofficial business too ... unfortunately, it happens :) Last but not least, glamour bondage has always been a niche. When you show naked lesbian, your stuff will be potentially interesting for 98% of the men. If you show girl next door in latex without any sexual action, only 5% of these men will love your work. So, there is no mistery, take big boobs girls, shoot girl/girl action and you will make money if you don't make big mistakes. Conclusion, lot of websites closed and we all have some difficulties : Captive Culture, Bondage Cafe and Models Tied are excellent websites but in a world with less money, members have to do a choice. The big problem is people don't make the choice anymore, they prefer to watch hardcore content or free stuff.

FREE TOUR : glamour bondage and female domination

do you know several of my models have been tied for the first time during our photo sessions ?