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Question by Lucy ... The ropework for your models are some of the most elaborate I've seen. How did you learn to tie like that? What is your creative inspiration for new rope bondage sessions?

my answer : Like a lot of people... I started by making horrible ropeworks! That's true, my bondage became interesting after two years of practice. I learned it by myself, fighting with ropes on my models or my friends. I was able to try more creative bindings when I was good enough to manage my stress (fighting with ropes causes a lot of stress specially when you know the girl is waiting for you or when you see the result is not what you want). I don't have special inspiration. Sometimes I have some ideas before to start my ropework, sometimes not. My inspiration and creativity will also depend on my partner. The more I know her, the more I can do something complicated. You have to know her better than she knows herself. You have to anticipate what she feels and you have to know when to stop before she needs to ask. But experience taught me something: it's better just to improvise because your partner's comfort is the most important thing. You have to manage her fatigue and change your plans if needed, so I prefer to not have plans. Bondage is a lot like love - you know the theory but you need to live each minute either calculating or cheating!

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