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Comment by Fan ... Lovely! I love cage pictures, and i can imagine they must be pretty difficult to shoot. And also very difficult for the poor models restrained and put into a little cage. How do you manage to avoid bars in the middle of their faces as you shoot? or you just shoot and then discard pictures?. About them... how long do they get into the cages while shooting? it must be a bit anguishing too. Do you keep the door locked with its lock or padlock, or just closed with no lock? I know in the end it might not make a real difference, but it could be (i try to put myself in their mind and it would be for me) a bit of a shock to know the door of the cage is actually locked. Thanks!

my answer : in fact, the most difficult is not to avoid to shoot bars in the middle of the face, I just need to ask the girl moving a little or moving myself. No, the most difficult is to get good angles for the framing which isn't easy with a white background. That's the thing I love when I got the idea to shoot girls encaged in front of a black background, the atmosphere and the framing was far better. that's nice to read you try to guess what the girls feel. Usually (most all the time), the cage is really locked. Because the first time I used it, the padlock was missing and it was disturbing on the pictures. Last but not least, this is the only way to get the door closed and that's good for the pictures. Like for lot of things, my approach changed year after year, in the beginning, I was always trying to make the girl 100% comfortable, so, it happens we did some breaks during a two hours shooting. But, because my models changed like I did, because they are trained to be in restraint with tight ropes, the fact being encaged is something they can deal with ... so, when I did the three series with Amelie, Graziella and Mina, the girls have been locked from the beginning to the end of the photo session, approx. two hours longs. Mina got the displeasure to deal with a cold room but it gave nice pictures :) Being locked inside a cage is something impressive and that's not a natural situation. But the truth is being bound is more dangerous for a girl. So, usually, my models discover the cage after being tied, they know it's safe even if they know I am always able to make a nice joke delaying the moment when I will unlock the door. One time, a model came : first session together, she negociated to keep the key in her bra ... it made me laugh in my head because the request was stupid, indeed, just after this set, she wanted to be suspended. If you trust someone enough to trap your body in ropes, being encaged isn't a big challenge ... even if that's not comfortable because of the small space. Of course, things would be different if I would turn the lights off, leaving the room for two hours ! I should try this joke one day :)

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