subspace discovery for Mina

movie focused on restraint & subspace
KINKY GAMES 02 “watch the clock Mina” – duration : 70 minutes

It’s now time for Mina to live her first subspace experience :
nylon stocking, plastic bag, natural rope … lot of options !

Like Anaïs before, Mina is cuffed to the furniture and helpless.
She never tried breath games before … excited and stressed,
Mina got some surprises : nipple clamps, riding crop and vibrator !

thumbnail for Captive Culture video / #breathplay

I love breath control : it’s a risky & kinky game, something unique for your partner. Each time is different and the different way to play are various. It’s easy to bring the girl in subspace playing with a plastic bag … you know breath control is one of my favorites and I couldn’t resist to the envy of sharing another video with you. I already blogged one sample of Anaïs exploring asphyxia, then, let’s post one part of the first breath control experience of Mina J. … after several years playing with ropes, I got the chance to get more from the lovely french bondage model showing her submissive side.

It was important to record her first time on video : that’s always nice to capture this kind of session. No doubt you will appreciate to watch and listen Mina in this situation. The scene has been shot after several minutes, Mina already got the plastic bag one time in the video : that’s why she looks more relax in the beginning and a little less comfortable when the bag begins to be evil. I also increased her feeling using some nipple clamps which is something french girls doesn’t like a lot :) At the result, you can see the clock running and minutes passing, Mina is slowly loosing control and enjoy the situation : hands cuffed, nipple play & breath control is a delightful mix for entering subspace.

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Jerome G. Duplessis aka JG : you know me as the french photographer and bondage rigger who created the Captive Culture website … more than 15 years of fetish pictures ! I like to capture the beauty of a woman exploring her fantasies : shiny latex, tight corset, nylon stockings & high heels for fetish photography or simply naked for japanese bondage.


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