update 11.15 / ropes & latex

here is another remastered series : the beginning of Amélie as the sexy secretary in latex … it was also her first time in ropes ! It’s always a pleasure to make discover bondage to a cute girl !

I got a long week-end working on updates and shooting then I don’t have the energy to rewrite comments as I usually … then here are the comments written in 2006 when I published the set which really needed for another photoshop editing. I guess you will love these remastered pictures :) Amélie is a french amateur model who loves work for aesthetic pictures (fetish,gothic,pin-up and more). I decided to tie Amelie in different positions to make her comfortable : as I said, bondage shooting is new for Amélie and she needs to learn how to deal with pain and the best way to play with her face … it’s really difficult for a model to find the right expressions : playful but weak without to be “too much” afraid or happy. I spoke about Amelie’s lovely face ? I didn’t write anything about her beautiful long legs yet ! I had a position in my head and I tied Amélie in this unescapable position. I spoke about her body and face but I didn’t mention something important … Amélie is really cool and it’s pleasant to work with her ! I hope Amélie appreciated her trip to CaptiveLand the adult bondage park located near Paris :-) thank you Miss for your time and confidence. see you soon ! … (back in 2009) : 3 years later, Amélie is still there and I even shot her yesterday : I will publish a preview about our last shooting tomorrow.

About Jerome Duplessis

Jerome G. Duplessis aka JG : you know me as the french photographer and bondage rigger who created the Captive Culture website … more than 15 years of fetish pictures ! I like to capture the beauty of a woman exploring her fantasies : shiny latex, tight corset, nylon stockings & high heels for fetish photography or simply naked for japanese bondage.


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