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beyond the lights … with Mina
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You probably remember the session with Mina wearing the latex straitjacket in the garden (click here) : the day after the shooting, I did a blog post featuring three pictures from that day (here if you need a reminder) … you should like the second part of this afternoon : Mina looks like the perfect damsel in distress !

We were spending a great time outdoor and I decided to continue keeping the nylon pantyhose for having some fun with ropes. It’s the first time I use the tree in the garden for bondage and that’s really interesting. Mina has been bound to the tree for 40 minutes : I can imagine how the right leg was tired in the end. If you read this blog, you know she experienced suspension while being clamped. I like the idea of watching a woman bound to a tree, wearing clothes you can open like the blouse or cut like the pantyhose. In the end, I even removed the left shoe to keep her foot arched to the max. If everything is going well, I hope Suzy will discover the pleasure of being tied to a tree soon … Eskarina lived it two weeks ago and she noticed the contact with the bark makes some good marks on the skin :)

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Jerome G. Duplessis aka JG : you know me as the french photographer and bondage rigger who created the Captive Culture website … more than 15 years of fetish pictures ! I like to capture the beauty of a woman exploring her fantasies : shiny latex, tight corset, nylon stockings & high heels for fetish photography or simply naked for japanese bondage.


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