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discover the fetish universe of CAPTIVE CULTURE publishing exclusive pictures and movies with sexy french girls for 13 years
glamour bondage, female domination and slave training ... the art of restraint for women in tight latex, strict corset and high heels


photography and ropework by Jerome G. Duplessis
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Comment by Jens ... You, Sir, prove that grace and beauty really enhance the everyday world! I have never seen such an amazing, artful, and skillful collection of photos anywhere. Every single picture, whether from the photo shoot or behind the scenes, conveys your deep understanding of and love for what you are doing. Plus, your models are all simply amazing. Please keep up your great work!

Comment by Fan ... Absolutely breathtaking. Eskarina looks really wonderful, distant, natural, thoughtful... I could easily fall in love. Beautiful picture Jerome. Really at the very height of the most classic femdom genre artists, from sardax to John Willie, but with something else on: this looks real, they are not barbie dolls posing, and that makes it worth and a little blast on the viewer. Congratulations Jerome, Eskarina and Suzy

Comment by Maurice ... Thank you for this video of this beautiful woman....writhing...drooling.... I notice how Amelie is breathing in this clip and how you commented on how she is not moving much. I wonder if you know anything of breathwork when with women which can take them into states of pleasure and ecstacy without any physical touch. There is so much a man can do to take a woman deeper and deeper just through breath and this is certainly something to experiment with and explore with women in bondage.

Comment by Jim ... That's a beautiful session! Panel gags look good on women, surpassed only by the full muzzle. I especially enjoy images or videos where the gag is being strapped on and the growing look of resignation in the model's face as she realises she can't speak.

Comment by Anon ... Of the Models you have shot over the years, Anais is my favorite. She always seems to convey the scene in a most innocent & fetching way. ** There is more to these photos than rope & sex. They are classic representations of "The Muse"~~ beauty, transfixed in amber; such, light and coyness, in those eyes. ** Each time Anais appears here, I am once again, startled.

Comment by Paul ... What an incredible compilation JG. You can see the quality of your photography increase steadily over the course of the video. It goes from great to amazing in a subtle way. The girls are beautiful and your ropework is fascinating.

Comment by Alessandro ... It's wonderful. I like a lot the face of the your models. It's so beautiful to see a bound woman, but it's a lot omore beautiful to see a bound woman enjoying her predicament and act as it was (because it is, I think) normal. Thanks for the behind the scenes feature, they tell a lot about the atmosphere around your work. A really nice and wonderful atmosphere.

CAPTIVE CULTURE : glamour bondage + female domination for french girls

the world of french girls in strict bondage, female domination and slave training ... glamour women in latex, lingerie, corset and high heels